Rotary Cutters (Brush Hogs)

Rotary cutters are comprised of sturdy blades that move in a circular motion in order to cut brush, weeds, thick grass, and small trees. They are also commonly known as brush hogs. This equipment is typically attached to the back of a tractor by a three-point hitch and it can be driven with the help of the tractor’s power take-off (PTO).

Easily Remove Thick Brush

This equipment is often referred to as a brush hog because it devours thick, heavy brush. Other tractor attachments do not have the right blades and mechanics needed to remove heavier brush and other dense overgrowths.

Brush Hogs vs Bush Hogs

Brush hogs are often referred to as Bush Hogs like tissues are often referred to as Kleenexes. Bush Hog is a generic trademark. It is a popular brand that produces brush hogs. Several other quality manufacturers produce this type of equipment, including Rhino, Land Pride, among others.

Brush Hogs at Lansdowne-Moody Company

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