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Kubota tractors in Houston, TX.

Kubota Tractors

Lansdowne-Moody the official dealer of choice in Kubota tractors! We are the top seller of Kubota in Houston, and second in the entire country. We provide a quality large variety of new and used Kubota tractors in Houston.

Lansdowne-Moody Company is your go-to source for Kubota, the recognized world leader in heavy equipment.

Browse Commercial and Personal Kubota Tractors:

See Kubota tractors in our inventory: 2015 Kubota BX25D and 2015 KUBOTA L2501

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We currently have Kubota showrooms for you to browse at each of our store locations.

New Holland tractors in Houston, TX.

New Holland Tractors

Lansdowne-Moody is the official dealer of choice in New Holland tractors! We offer late model and low hour equipment, putting our customers in the position to get the job done right. We provide an excellent stock of new and used New Holland tractors in Houston.

New Holland: smart is getting the job done right.

Browse Commercial and Personal New Holland Tractors

Commercial-grade: L218, T5 Series, and T6 Series
Personal use: Boomer 33/41, Workmaster Series, T4 Series and T5 Series

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We currently have New Holland showrooms for you to browse at each of our store locations.

How to Choose a Tractor

For most people, purchasing the correctly sized tractor will be the only tractor they will need to purchase for the next 15 – 20 years! The key is matching the tractor to the needs of each customer.

Let Our Experts Find the Best Tractor for You

With our large variety of different tractors, let our experts help guide you to purchase the tractor that best fits your needs. Our salespeople are trained to ask many questions to determine which tractor will be suited to meet the needs of each individual customer.

Here are some example questions to consider when shopping for the best-fitting tractor for you:

  • How many acres?
  • Already cleared or are you clearing it?
  • Do you want a manicure quality cut or a rough field cut?
  • What size mower do you want to pull with the tractor?
    • The material you are cutting with the mower, is it 1” in diameter and smaller? 2”? 3”?
  • Have you driven anything with a clutch before?
  • Are you going to be operating it, or will others in your family be operating it as well?

We will ask questions to determine which tire options will fit the way in which the tractor will be used, as well as which transmission type, be it 2WD or 4WD.

Browse our extensive selection of new and used tractors here.

Buy Tractors in the Greater Houston Area

Lansdowne-Moody Co. is the official dealer of choice for Kubota, New Holland, Ferris, and Scag tractors, and we carry an even wider selection of used tractors, too.

Each of our locations has extensive showrooms for you to browse. We also provide comprehensive parts, service, and tractor rental services to the entire Greater Houston area, including Conroe, Cypress, Splendora and Webster.

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