Lansdowne-Moody Tractor Equipment Glossary

Check out our glossary to learn more about some of the tractor equipment and equipment services that we provide at Landsdowne-Moody Company.

Lansdowne-Moody Company equipment and services.


Aftermarket parts

Aftermarket parts are equipment parts that are made by third party companies to be similar to their original equipment manufacturer (OEM) counterparts. Learn more about aftermarket parts.



A backhoe is a two-limbed attachment that is tail-ended by a digging bucket. Learn more about backhoes.

Box blade implements

A box blade implement is used to smooth, groom, and contour land. It functions as a type of plow. Learn more about box blade implements.

Box blade tractor

Box blade tractor implements are composed of three-sided boxes which are each composed of heavy metal. Learn more about box blade tractor implements.

Buying programs

Equipment may qualify for government-backed buying programs. These programs provide incentives in exchange for older tractors and other equipment. Learn more about buying programs.


Compact excavator

A compact excavator is a machine that runs on tracks and utilizes a backfill blade that operates with a boom swing. Learn more about compact excavators.

Compact track loader

A compact track loader (CTL) is a large vehicle designed to dig and haul dirt, gravel, and other materials. Learn more about compact track loaders.

Construction equipment

Construction equipment is typically referred to as heavy equipment, heavy machines, engineering equipment, or heavy hydraulics, among other terms. Construction equipment is specifically designed for executing construction tasks. Learn more about construction equipment.


Disc implements

Disc implements till the soil and chops up unwanted weeds for the purpose of planting crops. Learn more about disc implements.



An excavator is a machine used to excavate earth. Its two defining components are tracks and a bucket. Learn more about excavators.


Ferris mowers

Ferris mowers are the only full suspension unit out on today’s market. Learn more about Ferris mowers.

Field service

With field service and on-site repairs, agriculturalists and construction workers can simplify the maintenance and repair process of large equipment. Learn more about field service.

Financing for equipment and parts

We provide financing to make it easier for you to own the equipment you need to get your job done right. Learn more about financing for equipment and parts.

Future Farmers of America (FFA)

Future Farmers of America (FFA) is an organization that engages middle and high school students in agricultural skills. It is an American 501 youth organization. Learn more about LMT-sponsored FFA clubs.



Honda equipment

Honda equipment and parts are manufactured for both agricultural and construction purposes. Learn more about Honda equipment.


In-store equipment service and repair

Lansdowne-Moody Company provides in-store equipment service and repair for all the types of equipment that we sell. Learn more about our in-store equipment service and repair.




From farms and construction projects to landscaping jobs, Kubota has it covered. Learn more about Kubota.


Lawn mowers

Lawn mowers range from small garden implements to models equipped for quick and powerful coverage of large tracts of land. Learn more about lawn mowers.


Mini excavator

A multi-purpose tool, the mini excavator can perform a multitude of gardening, agricultural, construction, and yard work tasks. Learn more about mini excavators.


New Holland

New Holland is a brand that creates a wide range of machinery for construction and agricultural workers. Learn more about New Holland.


OEM parts

OEM parts are equipment parts that are made by a subcontractor that is designated by an equipment manufacturer. Learn more about OEM parts.


Parts department

Lansdowne-Moody Company has an extensive parts department that consists of a wide array of OEM and aftermarket parts. Learn more about the Lansdowne-Moody parts department.



Rental equipment

Lansdowne-Moody Company provides rental equipment to the Houston area. We rent Kubota, New Holland, Ferris, Scag, and more. Learn more about Lansdowne-Moody rental equipment.

Rotary cutters (brush hogs)

Rotary cutters are comprised of sturdy blades that move in a circular motion in order to cut brush, weeds, thick grass, and small trees. They are also commonly known as “brush hogs.” Learn more about rotary cutters.


Scag mowers

Scag mowers are quality lawn equipment that works effectively for both commercial and personal lawn care. Learn more about Scag mowers.

Section 179

Section 179 is an annual tax deduction that involves farming and construction business equipment purchases. Learn more about Section 179.

Skidsteer loader

A skidsteer loader consists of a small, engine-powered steel frame and two lift arms. Learn more about skidsteer loaders.

Sweeper implements

A sweeper implement is used to clear snow, dirt (loose or caked-on), grass clipping, leaves, and any other outdoor area that needs light clearing. Learn more about sweeper implements.



Equipment may qualify for TERP, a government-backed buying program. The TERP is a rebate grant that provides incentives in exchange for older tractors and other equipment. Learn more about TERP.

Tiller implement

Tiller implements work to break up and stir soil in order to aerate the soil for planting or to destroy weeds. Learn more about tiller implements.


The tractor has evolved from steel-wheeled, furnace-powered implements into diesel-powered, hydraulic-driven, and rubber-wheeled agriculture centerpieces. Learn more about tractors.


Utility vehicle

Utility vehicles are built to combine the versatility of small tractors, the ease of all-terrain vehicles, and the utility of small trucks. Learn more about utility vehicles.



Wheel loader

Wheel loaders can move more dirt faster than any other piece of excavation equipment and are invaluable in the world of excavation. Learn more about wheel loaders.




Zero turn mower

A zero turn mower is a lawn mower with a zero turning radius. These mowers rotate on their own axis, which ensures a smooth ride. Learn more about zero turn mowers.



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