New Holland

New Holland Is a Leader in Agricultural Equipment Manufacturing

New Holland is a brand that creates a wide range of machinery for construction and agricultural workers. It began as the New Holland Machine Company, founded in 1895 in New Holland, Pennsylvania. It exchanged multiple hands over the years, being bought out by the Ford motor Company in 1986 and later acquired by Fiat in 1991. While their headquarters is situated in Turin, Italy, they manufacture equipment in a variety of locations around the globe.

What Type of Equipment Does New Holland Manufacture?

New Holland manufactures equipment for both agricultural and construction purposes. Some of their primary products include:2016 New Holland Boomer 33/41

  • Tractors
  • Borage harvesters
  • Utility vehicles
  • Balers
  • Seeding equipment
  • Haying tools

New Holland’s Market Reach

New Holland is considered a market leader in tractor sales. They are both the leading providers in 10 out of 14 countries in the European Union, while holding strong market potential across the world. In fact, New Holland distributes quality equipment throughout 170 different countries and holds the top market share in 6 countries in the European Union.

New Holland Has a Commitment to Excellence

New Holland is one of the largest manufacturers of construction and agricultural machinery in the world, and they achieved their status due to their relentless commitment to excellence. New Holland has won a number of awards over the years, demonstrating their exceptional product lines and renowned customer service.

They have won several silver medal awards for their product innovation, and they have also won the AE50 Award for Engineering Innovation for a variety of their products including the CX Opti-Fan™ system, T8 Tractor, and CR – SynchroKnife™ drive. They’ve repeatedly shown themselves to be leaders in the industry through their innovative product development that enhances agricultural practices globally.

New Holland manufactures construction equipment proven to continually excel at both industries: farming and construction. Having won numerous awards for their product innovation, New Holland is one of the most trusted equipment companies. Lansdowne-Moody Company sells new and used New Holland tractors in Houston. Visit one of our six locations to see what Lansdowne-Moody Company has to offer, today.

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