Lansdowne Moody tractor dealer

How We Started

Early Beginnings of Lansdowne-Moody™

The quintessential focus of our company is servant leadership that is disseminated to all areas of operations. Since 1936, we have been able to not only deliver excellent products but also provide an experience that makes sure your tractor needs are met. In 1937 George U. Lansdowne acquired a ford tractor dealership with the financial backing of the Moody family in Galveston. 

Evolution of our Company 

The original location of Lansdowne-Moody was located downtown on Houston Texas Ave but eventually, after purchasing land in Lockwood we relocated in 1962. Once we outgrew the Lockwood location and opened the Fondren location we decided to move to our current location at 84445 East Freeway. After the establishment of the East location, we became a Kubota™ tractor dealer in Cypress Texas. Now we have over 100 employees with 6 total locations.

Driven to Deliver 

Since our founding in 1936, we have made it a priority to deliver quality parts and services to the Harris county community. We make sure that as the city changes along with the growing demands of our customers to expand our services. In doing so we have been able to establish ourselves as a trusted tractor provider for over 80 years. 


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Lansdowne-Moody CompanyHow We Started