Field Service

What is Quality Field Service?

With field service and on-site repairs, agriculturalists and construction workers can simplify the maintenance and repair process of large equipment. Given the hectic work schedules of many in the laboring trades, finding the time to tend to needed repairs can be troublesome. Field service technicians can help by diagnosing and repairing large equipment in remote locations, saving clients both time and money.

Field Service Wherever

What Does Field Service Work Entail?

Our field service provides a way to repair tractors in Houston and surrounding areas, as well as other large equipment on-site, sparing busy workers the hassle of hauling a broken down tractor to a service center. Towing large pieces of equipment is expensive and time-consuming. With field service, people have their equipment diagnosed and fixed on site.

Field Service Technician Tasks

A field service technician can provide clients with a variety of on-site services. Some of their primary services include:

  • Assembling large equipment.
  • Troubleshooting and diagnosing mechanical problems.
  • Repairing the machinery.
  • Educating clients on necessary safety protocols and maintenance procedures of all equipment.

Field service technicians are highly trained in their field and are qualified to combat virtually any mechanical problem. They’ll be able to troubleshoot the issue, establish a diagnosis, and advise clients on how to proceed. For minor mechanical problems, the technicians can offer rapid turnaround. In more severe cases, additional parts may need to be ordered.

Field Service Technician Education and Training

The education and training of field service technicians vary, but many possess certifications or associate’s degrees in the field, as well as ample hands-on training. Since all repairs are carried out on-site, which are often in remote locations that are lacking parts and tools, field service technicians need to possess a well-rounded knowledge of equipment and repairs. Whereas many technicians specialize in a highly specialized area, such as brake system repairs or transmission repairs, field service technicians have a versatile skill set enabling them to target a variety of problems simultaneously.

For remote construction workers and agriculturalists, having a piece of equipment break down in the field can be stressful. Given the time and money it takes to haul a large tractor to the service shop, many just let the machine sit there indefinitely gathering dust. Field service technicians are dedicated to making the lives of laborers easier by providing on-site diagnosis and repair of all farming equipment.

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