Box Blade Implements

What is a Quality Box Blade Implement?

A box blade implement is used to smooth, groom, and contour land. It functions as a type of plow. Unlike a disc implement, which is circular, box blade implements are rake-like and are composed of three-sided boxes which are composed of heavy metal. This makes box blade implements a better fit for rockier soils.

Box blade implements in Houston.

The front, top, and bottom of the box remain open, and retractable ripper shanks are attached to the front to cut through and groom packed soil. The box blade is typically unpowered and is attached to a tractor using a three-point hitch. The tractor drags the box blade across the ground to smooth uneven surfaces. With both front and rear blades, box blades can easily churn through rough and hard-packed soils.

Tractor-Pulled Equipment

A box blade implement works when added to a tractor. It is tractor-pulled equipment that is ultimately powered by the tractor’s power take-off, or PTO.

While the majority of a tractor’s work for a box blade implement is done by pulling, there are tractors that push box blade implements, too. Whether the box blade implement is to be pushed or pulled depends on the tractor and/ or box blade implement make and model.

Box Blade Implements Fit for Many Projects

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