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Our Culture of Leadership and Service

Generosity, Trust and Respect

From the beginning, appreciation for our employees and service to our community has been the guiding light of our business. Our clients are the heartbeat of our company; without them, we would not be so fortunate to do what we do each day. We strive to build trust with our customers, empowering them to reach their full potential whether they need large quantities of equipment or a single, simple tool. 

Expert Advice

The best way we can serve our customers is to uphold the absolute highest standard of expertise and support. Each time we speak with a potential customer, we want them to feel confident that they’ve received the most dependable advice they could possibly find in our industry. To attract and retain the best employees in the business, we foster equity, credibility, and honesty in the workplace.

Giving Back

At Lansdowne-Moody, we don’t just talk about or values. We put them into action. We provide equipment, resources, and support to the people and organizations in the Houston area and beyond who need a helping hand. Check out our community involvement page to learn more about the items we’ve donated to charitable causes, the ways we’ve assisted victims of Hurricane Harvey, the athletic teams, and programs we’ve sponsored for Houston’s next generation.

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Lansdowne-Moody CompanyOur Culture of Leadership and Service