Lansdowne East Houston Construction

Big Progress at The East Houston Store!

Get Ready For Our New And Improved Facility 

Lansdowne-Moody is excited about the progress made at our East Houston store location. Our goal is to help you find the equipment products you need with greater ease than ever before. This will be possible with construction improvements that will feature an entirely new showroom space. In the picture, you can also see the foundations for the new offices and our new training facility. We understand that improvements will enhance your overall experience with us, so we are working hard to give you the best. 

Innovative Construction 

In the front of our store what might look like an Olympic sized swimming pool is our entirely new parking lot that collects and stores rainwater runoff. This will allow the city’s drainage system to recover faster when high levels of rain are present. We are always striving to make an impact in our community, and our drainage system is a small example of our appreciation for Houstonians. 

Your Patience is Appreciated 

If you’ve ever had to remodel or deal with a construction project at your home, you know that it is a process. Every day we are getting closer to completing our upgrades, but in the meantime, our doors are open for your equipment needs. We are confident that any inconvenience during our store renovations will be short-lived and we appreciate your patience with us. Be on the lookout for updates and we can’t wait for you to get the full experience of our new store!

To learn more about updates and how we can help with your equipment needs, get contacte with us today! 

LM Tractor East Houston Construction

Lansdowne-Moody CompanyBig Progress at The East Houston Store!