Lansdowne -Moody Waller County Fair

Waller County Fair with Landsdowne-Moody


At the Waller County fair as part of the Barnyard Buddies program, we were excited to make a difference in the lives of others, all while having some quality fun with children and their families. During the fair, we collaborated with community partners and made sure that our guests felt personally welcomed by the Lansdowne-Moody staff. 

The Barnyard Buddies is a program pairs special needs kids with teenagers from Waller County FFA program to enjoy a day filled with fun and hayrides. Events like these are important to us and we value the opportunity to put happy smiles on the faces of great kids. We were excited to see that as many as 300 kids were able to attend!

Going Above and Beyond

Here at Lansdowne-Moody, we pride ourselves on our committed staff who went above and beyond to make this event a success. The highlight of the event was seeing all the happy faces who were able to enjoy the hayrides being pulled by our bright orange Kubota tractor.

Annual Event

This event was a success, and we are excited to take this event to the next level when we return again next year. Community is key for Lansdowne-Moody, and we value developing meaningful relationships with people in our community. Watching everybody come together and uplift each other was a beautiful thing to see. When we come back next year we will have, tents, refreshments, and even more activities!

Until next time give us a call for more events or come by and see your friends at Lansdowne-moody!

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