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Our Culture of Leadership and Service

Generosity, Trust and Respect From the beginning, appreciation for our employees and service to our community has been the guiding light of our business. Our clients are the heartbeat of our company; without them, we would not be so fortunate to do what we do each day. We strive to build trust with our customers, empowering them to reach their …

Lansdowne-Moody CompanyOur Culture of Leadership and Service
Financing for equipment and parts.

Entry Level Opportunity

East Freeway Location Lansdowne Moody Company, the largest Kubota equipment company in the US, is offering an excellent opportunity for an entry-level service technician at our East Freeway location. Are you ready to grow your career with the leader in the industry? The duties entail checking-in equipment coming back to the store after rental. Responsibilities include: Filter check  Filter & …

Lansdowne-Moody CompanyEntry Level Opportunity

Our Mission

Customer Driven  We strive to provide superior products and services to anyone who needs them. It sounds simple, but each of our customers has unique requirements, preferences, and limitations. Finding the right equipment solutions for your project or business requires individualized attention and care, so we work with you directly to ensure you have exactly what you need to get …

Lansdowne-Moody CompanyOur Mission

Community-Centered Values

Commitment is Key Here at Lansdowne-moody commitment to Houston communities is a cornerstone value of ours. Since our establishment in 1936, we made it a priority to foster community engagement and develop community bonds. Our community engagement includes youth projects, sports, school clubs, and organizations. The efforts we make in the community uniquely position ourselves to gain a thorough understanding …

Lansdowne-Moody CompanyCommunity-Centered Values
Lansdowne Moody tractor dealer

How We Started

Early Beginnings of Lansdowne-Moody™ The quintessential focus of our company is servant leadership that is disseminated to all areas of operations. Since 1936, we have been able to not only deliver excellent products but also provide an experience that makes sure your tractor needs are met. In 1937 George U. Lansdowne acquired a ford tractor dealership with the financial backing …

Lansdowne-Moody CompanyHow We Started

30th Annual ‘500’ Drawing and Steak Dinner Featuring Lansdowne-Moody

Liberty-Dayton Chamber Fundraiser  This year at the Liberty-Dayton Chamber fundraiser the number of combined prizes was 18,000 split up between 15 big prizes. The event is named after the 500 tickets which are sold for $100 each. However, the highlight of the event was when we were able to raffle off the top prize of which was the Kubota RTV …

Lansdowne-Moody Company30th Annual ‘500’ Drawing and Steak Dinner Featuring Lansdowne-Moody
Lansdowne Moody

Thank You Peewee’s Lawn Care

Helpful Assistance Here at Lansdowne Moody, we pride ourselves on being as informed as possible about all of our products. Our staff will not only make sure we provide you with the proper equipment but make sure that we clearly communicate the benefits of each tool to you. In the video, you will see that our staff members are amicable …

Lansdowne-Moody CompanyThank You Peewee’s Lawn Care

Kubota skid steer used for Eagle Scout project

When Kobi Shurtz joined Troop 848, he knew he was in it for the long run. The Boy Scouts of America have had the most significant influence in his life “It has prompted the most growth from me as a person through leadership positions and other responsibilities” Shurtz says. That’s why it was a no brainer for him to stay …

Lansdowne-Moody CompanyKubota skid steer used for Eagle Scout project

Kubota Zero-Turn Mowers

“Lansdowne-Moody sold me a Kubota 700 series mower. All I can say is WOW! It cuts great and is a pleasure to mow with it. That Friday I cut 4+ acres and it was like a hot knife through butter. Both yards had not been done in about 3 weeks and the grass was quite tall. The mower just chopped …

Lansdowne-Moody CompanyKubota Zero-Turn Mowers

Kubota is a Gold Corporate Sponsor

We are pleased to announce that Kubota Tractor Corporation is now a Gold Corporate Sponsor of the Texas FFA. The Texas FFA Association was chartered in 1929 with a mission to make a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth, and career success through agricultural education.  For more information about the …

Lansdowne-Moody CompanyKubota is a Gold Corporate Sponsor