KTAC’s Greatest Hits: Annual Policies!

The Incident 

Accidents happen and they can be very frustrating to deal with. We understand that having an accident is not something that you wake up and plan. Unfortunately, one of our customers had an accident while hard at work repairing a dam on his property. He was operating one of our Kubota tractors when all of a sudden he lost control and the tractor tipped over into the water. As you can imagine this was not ideal and the customer was quite upset.

The Settlement

Despite this unfortunate accident, there was a silver lining in this situation. Our customer was currently in his 5th year of ownership for his Kubota tractor and was able to benefit from our annual policy. This policy mandates that cash customers and customers who pay off their finance agreements can benefit from all risk-coverage. In this particular incident, the customer originally paid 25,200 in cash for the tractor and 5 years later KTAC paid out a total loss settlement of 21,133 which is only a 16% depreciation. 

All Risk Coverage 

Coverage benefits are included for theft, fire, collision, glass breakages, falling objects, hail, tornado, flood, vandalism, and infestation. With KTAC you can be sure that you will have a variety of coverage options that will be able to support you when unexpected accidents occur. We pride ourselves on making sure you have the best options available to help you plan for when the unexpected occurs.

Insurance is Good for Everybody

KTAC has comprehensive claims features that are beneficial when the unit is at a total loss. Our comprehensive claims can save the day and replace your damaged tractor. Don’t wait until it’s too late, take advantage of our claims services today.

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