KTAC’s Greatest Hits: Annual Policies!

The Incident 

Often, tractor incidents involve accidents that occur while operating equipment such as tipping over, collisions, or submersions. However, in this case, a customer called in saying his unit wouldn’t start, which was due to infestation damage. Eventually, it was determined that rodents had chewed through the wires, sensors, a fuel line, and a coolant line.  

The Settlement

Although this was a severe case of infestation damage to his unit he was able to take advantage of infestation coverage benefits. The policy stipulates that “infestation” coverage would be excluded at the beginning of 2018. However, he had an active policy through KTAC which covered his incident. This resulted in a total loss where he was able to receive an original full sales price settlement of 28,386. 

All Risk Coverage 

Coverage benefits are included for theft, fire, collision, glass breakages, falling objects, hail, tornado, flood, vandalism, and infestation with an active policy. With KTAC you will have a variety of coverage options when unexpected accidents occur. We pride ourselves on making sure you have the best options to help you plan for when the unexpected occurs.

Insurance is Good for Everybody

KTAC has comprehensive claims features that are beneficial when the unit is at a total loss. Our comprehensive claims can save the day and replace your damaged tractor. Don’t wait until it’s too late, take advantage of our claims services today.

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