Compact Track Loader

What is a Quality Compact Track Loader?

A compact track loader (CTL) is a large vehicle designed to dig and haul dirt, gravel, and other materials. It’s basically a hybrid between a bulldozer and a skid steer but packaged into a single, compact machine with increased horsepower and loading abilities.

A Rugged and Versatile Machine

Compact track loaders are composed of a tracked chassis that is capable of plowing over a variety of terrain and a large loader, which is used to dig up and haul materials. It’s a versatile machine that is capable of performing a wide array of tasks, making it an ideal accompaniment to construction, farming, landscaping, and other laboring professions.

Compact track loader in Houston.

Benefits of a Compact Track Loader

A compact track loader typically cost about 30 percent more than the average skid steer, often costing between $10,000 and $15,000. The reason for the elevated price is due to the increased performance and functionality they provide. All of the attachments utilized by the standard skid steer can also be utilized by the CTL. However, the CTL offers much more stability and control to the driver, which not only makes for safer working conditions, but it can also considerably improve the efficiency of a worksite.

Skid steers contain four wheels to plow over rough terrain and obstructions. However, tires have their limitations and can be difficult to control over any particularly rugged ground. The CTL relies on a tracked chassis that smoothly rotates as the machine is in motion, allowing it to seamlessly glide over a variety of terrains, which makes for a smoother and safer ride.

In addition, the CTL possess more lift capacity than the skid steer and can accommodate heavier attachments. With load capacities up to 3,800 pounds and an increased digging force, the CTL allows workers to substantially improve their productivity.

Limitations of the Compact Track Loader

Due to the nature of the tracked chassis, there are certain terrains that the compact track loader isn’t equipped to handle. Rocky ground, pavement, and other highly abrasive surfaces are not ideal for CTLs. It’s also important to note that while CTLs can carry heavy attachments, the hydraulic system of the loader may not be equipped to handle it. It’s imperative to always match the weight of the attachment with the capabilities of the hydraulic system. This will prevent overheating and significantly enhance the performance of the vehicle.

The CTL provides innumerable benefits to the laborer. With increased horsepower, better stability, and higher load capacities, it’s an indispensable piece of equipment that can improve the efficiency of a worksite. However, like any machine, it has its limitations, and it’s essential to employ proper operating procedures to extend the life of the machine and to enhance its performance.

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