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Compact excavator in Houston.

Best Fit for Tough and Precise Excavation

A compact excavator is a machine that runs on tracks and utilizes a backfill blade that operates with a boom swing. It weighs between about 6 to 8.5 metric tons and is primarily used to excavate earth.

How a Compact Excavator Works

The foundation of a compact excavator is two tracks that sit parallel to one another. Connecting the tracks is an undercarriage upon which rests a housing that rotates around the axis of a plate. The cab of the compact excavator is proximate to the boom, the stick, and the bucket. These components, as well as the engine, motors, and hydraulic pumps rest upon the housing’s plate.

Compact excavator tracks move forward and backward. The compact excavator plate allows fluid rotation. As the plate rotates, with it rotates every other component of the machine except the tracks and undercarriage. The plate can rotate an entire 360 degrees.

Compact Excavators versus Mini Excavators

The terms compact excavators and mini excavators are used interchangeably. Both the compact excavator and the mini excavators are smaller types of excavators. The compact excavator is bigger than the mini excavator. The mini excavator is a newer term used to define excavators that weigh up to about six metric tons.

Kubota Compact Excavators at Lansdowne-Moody Company

We sell Kubota compact excavators that are referred to as mini excavators. Kubota excavators are interchangeably named as compact excavators and mini excavators. These excavators may also be referred to as our mini x’s.

Shorter Excavator Tail Swings

Smaller excavators with shorter tail swings are needed for smaller and more precision-based projects. Both compact and mini excavators have shorter tail swings than average-sized excavators. When shopping for smaller excavators, compact excavators are more often recommended for commercial use due to their overall strength, and mini excavators are more often recommended for personal use due to their smaller size.

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Lansdowne-Moody Company sells a wide variety of compact excavators in Houston and surrounding areas. Lansdowne-Moody Co. is the official dealer of choice for Kubota, New Holland, Ferris, and Scag new and used excavators to buy or rent! Contact us today for more information.

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