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The Future Is Brighter With FFA

Live Like Johnny Partnership with Kubota

Here at Lansdowne-Moody, we have a special appreciation for agriculture. Whenever there is an opportunity to help foster the same spirit for agriculture in the youth we make sure to engage. Through a partnership with Kubota and Live Like Johnny Organization, we will provide an official Future Farmers of America (FFA) jacket to a young lady from Caesar E. Chavez High School free of charge for reciting the FFA creed. 

What Is FFA All About At HISD?

The FFA  is a national youth organization that helps middle school and high school students develop their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agriculture education. The Houston FFA chapter began as a rural club and slowly but surely worked its way to the largest chapter in Texas with a total of 125 students from A&M Kingsville, Tarleton, Ranger, San Angelo, Sam Houston, Houston Vet Tech Institute, A&M, and UH Clearlake. FFA provides students with opportunities to study agriculture pursuits they may not have had otherwise.

What The FFA Jacket Represents

The FFA jacket is more than any ordinary blue corduroy jacket. It represents hard work, dedication, friendship, and love. When students attend events their jacket will come equipped with the FFA symbol, state, chapter name, and the student’s name. This provides students with a sense of pride knowing that they are representing something greater than themselves at contests and events. We are happy to help carry on the FFA tradition by providing students with a jacket that represents endearing values members will use for the rest of their life.

HISD FFA Chapter Upcoming Events

The HISD FFA chapter is involved in a number of events that promote students’ career aspirations with a focus on developing leadership skills and cultivating a service mindset. This month the HISD FFA chapter participated in Career development exercises with their four teams in addition to national FFA week celebrations. This included the ag Olympics, a district field day, volunteering at the Houston Botanic Garden, and working on student certifications. 

Featured below are some March Events their chapter will be participating in which include: 

  • Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo 
  • Research Project Competitions 
  • Calf scrambles
  • Speaking Contests
  • Wildlife Expos

To learn more about our involvement with FFA and support for agriculture organizations get contacte with us today! 

Lansdowne-Moody CompanyThe Future Is Brighter With FFA