TRAXX™RF Remote-Control Slopemower from Alamo Industrial

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TRAXX™RF from Alamo Industrial®, a new remote-control slopemower that is perfect for tackling vegetation in the toughest terrain. It thrives in challenging, hazardous and confined areas and allows you to reach the places other mowers cannot reach. This slope mower takes on up to 60 degrees with ease. TRAXX™RF enables you to work SAFER, FASTER and SMARTER than ever before.

TRAXX RF is one of the most innovative and exciting products ever to hit the grass maintenance market. You can tackle jobs with confidence that used to be dangerous, labor intensive and time consuming.

With TRAXX RF you get outstanding stability, intuitive finger-tip controls with a safe working range of up to 1000 feet. This technological marvel allows you to work up to 25 times faster than by hand and delivers an exceptional high-quality finish and can readily tackle 60 degree slopes.

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TRAXX™RF Remote-Control Slopemower from Alamo Industrial
All Terrain Operation
Rubber tracks with steel cleats and spikes combined with a low center of gravity and a 1,000 foot remote control signal permit safe operation on slopes up to 60 degrees. Intuitive Controls
Features two separate joysticks for proportional track speed and steering control with an inverter switch to synchronize the stick functions to match the direction of travel.

Efficient Hydraulics
Remote control features a one-touch emergency shut-off switch along with a secondary shutdown feature that triggers automatically if the controller is dropped.

Safety Comes First
Our frame rails are made of much heavier material because we do not rely on frame flex to keep all four wheels on the ground.

Environmentally Friendly
40 hp diesel engine meets Tier 3 (Intermediate Tier 4) emission regulations, in addition the hydraulic system is prefilled with Panolin® biodegradable oil.

Interchangeable Attachments

  • Flail: Grass & Light Brush
    Traxx RF flail grass brush

    • 51” Cutting Width
    • For cutting grass & light brush
    • Equipped with Y-Knife blades for light duty cutting
  • Flail: Brush & Saplings
    Traxx RF flail brush saplings

    • 51” Cutting Width
    • For cutting brush & saplings
    • Equipped with Hammer Knife blades for heavy duty cutting
  • Stump GrinderTraxx RF stump grinder

    • For removal of tree stumps
    • Cutting Wheel Diameter: 14.57”
  • Bucket
    Traxx RF bucket

    • Heavy Duty Front Bucket Kit
    • 55” Operating Width
    • For movement of dirt and lightweight material
    • If using the bucket on concrete, rubber tracks must be installed on the unit

The Smartest Way to Work Safely

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