Antique Tractor Provided by Lansdowne-Moody for Restoration Project

Hace un par de años, Lansdowne-Moody donó un tractor Fordson de 1933 y materiales a los estudiantes de College Park FFA para un proyecto de restauración.

Working Closely with FFA Teachers & Students

Through the restoration of an antique tractor, students develop skills applicable to the modern business world. We have worked closely with College Park FFA teacher, Chelsea Moreland, to keep up with updates on the project. Lansdowne-Moody is proud to be able to provide students with an antique tractor, parts and materials for them to get their hands dirty.

The progession of the restoration project

Lansdowne-Moody was thrilled to meet with the students from College Park FFA and to see all the progress done to the tractor. Here are some pictures of the students in action!

Watch Jared Morrison and Logan Cegielski talk about their experience and progress made while working on the tractor restoration project.

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You can learn more about the College Park High School FFA program, here.

Lansdowne-Moody CompanyAntique Tractor Provided by Lansdowne-Moody for Restoration Project