Community-Centered Values

Commitment is Key

Here at Lansdowne-moody commitment to Houston communities is a cornerstone value of ours. Since our establishment in 1936, we made it a priority to foster community engagement and develop community bonds. Our community engagement includes youth projects, sports, school clubs, and organizations. The efforts we make in the community uniquely position ourselves to gain a thorough understanding of the populations we service.  

Youth Engagement 

We understand that our services can help people from all walks of life. Our mindset of paying it forward is important to us. We want to make sure to do so in the community with youth group involvement. Some youth groups we have been fortunate enough to partner with have been the Boy Scouts of America, Hempstead High School FFA Club Sponsor, and Waller County Baseball Association. Involvement with these organizations has helped us create an aura of visibility in the community that we appreciate. 

Appreciation Matters

In addition to our commitment to the youth, we focus on making sure whoever we work with understands our appreciation for their time. We take pride in providing quality products and services to help our clients with their lawn care needs. When we help our community it reaffirms our commitment to doing right by people who do right by us.

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Lansdowne-Moody CompanyCommunity-Centered Values